• Flora Warrington

Week 2 - Trojans UK 22

Another week. The workshops went very well - Rimma the Ukrainian psychologist joined us, and another Ukrainian actor, as well as Mafilde, and Italian actor. Everyone - including the organisers - went round the room saying what we liked and didn't like about Britain. We did exercises and then walked around the room being Hecuba, then Cassandra, then Helen. We then posed for family photographs from the dysfunctional Trojan Royal family. Wonderfully, Essam, one of our Glasgow Trojans participants, surprised us by appearing with his friend Hassan. And Alina entertained us with some of her dancing.

We were also lucky enough to have Yurii Kovryzhenko - Ukraine's top TV chef and Global food ambassador - cooking our lunch for us today. It was a delicious Ukrainian lunch - chicken with roast buck wheat and a yoghurt, ginger biscuit and rhubarb pudding. A really good day.

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