The Trojan Women Project has been creating joint therapeutic drama and advocacy projects for Syrian refugees in Jordan, Europe and the UK since 2013. We also make documentaries about our projects so as to allow the voices of our participants to be heard as widely as possible.

Trojan Women Project (Refuge Media Productions CIC) was founded by two Bosnia veterans, the award-winning foreign correspondent and film-maker Charlotte Eagar and her husband, the award-winning filmmaker William Stirling in 2013. Syria Trojan Women Project was inspired by years of working with refugees and seeing the depression, loneliness, boredom and misery they can suffer in exile.  


The key to our project is producing pieces of drama and/or film which combine being of the highest possible artistic standard with a benefit to the Syrian and host community participants.


We are backed by Prospero World, a UK registered charity, no. 1163952



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Supported by Prospero World (United Kingdom registered charity No.1639521)