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We want to get in touch with refugees and asylum seekers, and organisations that work with them that would be interested in our psycho-social support and awareness raising drama project.

TROJANS UK 22-23-24 


In partnership with the Chelsea Theatre, 7 World's End Place,  World’s End Estate, London, SW10 0DR

A great way to get out and about, meet new people, interact with the local community, improve your English, and find new opportunities.

Our participants are UK-based Ukrainian, Afghan, Syrian and other refugees and asylum seekers from all over the world.


Every Wednesday from 10:00 am - 1:30 pm

Tell YOUR story to the world.

All refugees/asylum seekers welcome.

Come along, meet new friends, have fun and lunch. 

A new drama production written and performed by refugees from the highly acclaimed Trojan Women Project working towards a theatre adaptation of Euripides' great anti-war Greek tragedy


Workshops are open to women and men over 16.

Free hot lunch at 1 PM for participants.

Free child-care facilities for younger children.

£10 Travel allowance per participant

People can participate in the drama workshops, even if they are not sure about going on stage. We can always find other roles for them in the eventual production. 

Use the form at the bottom of the page to register your interest or email

For queries please use the email above or call/text the numbers below.

07769603233 / 07796633706

Charlotte Eagar / William Stirling

Iryna (Ukraine 2022):

"Trojans is a magic that allows one to go out of your own bubble, tell your story to others, acquire new experience in acting, communicating and interacting with people of different nationalities."

Badhurry (Afghanistan 2021): 

"Being a refugee is strange and complicated. It requires a certain process to integrate in a new society… I wish every refugee could experience Trojans and feel peaceful mind through performance and Drama."

"Every refugee has their own story, culture and values but most importantly we all live in a new society, with new culture and challenges. Finding and discussing common ground, through drama helps initiate ideas to overcome the challenges."


Nadia (Ukraine 2022):

"I hope that this project will help refugees overcome trauma and send a strong message to the world that wars and violation of human rights have always been harmful to humanity and to women.”


Refugees and migrants are often lonely, traumatised, making their way in a new world, and have extraordinary stories to tell: of courage, determination, and overcoming tragedy. We all are driven by the same desires for safety, for hope for our families, a future, a place to live. For some people that is harder to achieve than others. We run community drama projects with refugees, building their stories into the text of a play (The Trojan Women) and staging their stories publicly at a high artistic level.

Where possible, we try and help our participants into employment or education. We’ve been doing this since 2013 in Jordan, Europe and the UK, including the highly acclaimed Queens of Syria 2016 Young Vic Tour and the 2019 Trojans at the Edinburgh Festival and our 2015 Oliver! In Arabic project in Jordan.

Our core aims are helping refugees overcome isolation, trauma, depression and giving them a platform to tell their stories to their host communities as well as building links and trying to provide new professional and personal opportunities.

We are currently building on our previous successful productions in the summers of 2022 and 2023 by running a series of workshops at the Chelsea Theatre, in partnership with Kensington and Chelsea and Hammersmith and Fulham Council, with a view to putting on a play in the summer at the Chelsea Theatre as part of K+C Festival and in Hammersmith.  

We have participants from Ukraine, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Pakistan and other countries. Some of them were even professional performers in their own lives. The participants are very keen to continue the project.

Our productions with K+C Festival (2022 & 2023) and FT Weekend Festival (2022) were highly acclaimed. You can watch the K+C 2022 production on YouTube. 



Our Future

This is the next step in our plan to roll this project out around the UK with a series of drama workshops and local productions, before returning to London in two years’ time with a full production. We’re currently applying to the Lottery to do projects in Hounslow and Stirling.

Schools and Universities

We frequently do screenings and Q&A’s at schools and universities in the UK, the US and Europe, and are studied on the syllabus at several US universities, including UCLA. We’ve done screenings at Oxford, Edinburgh, St Andrews, Godolphin and Latimer, Princeton, Yale, University of Texas, Columbia, to name a few.

Let’s Work Together

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