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Charlotte Eagar

Is an award-winning filmmaker, award-winning former foreign correspondent, novelist and producer. She is currently producing Trojans UK 22-23-24, a projected UK wide tour of the Trojan Women, through a series of refugee community drama workshops which has been running for 18 months so far. Previously she produced En-scripted, an on-line digital drama covid project for refugees (2020-21); Trojans (2019)an adaptation of Euripides’ Trojan Women, with a mixed gender cast of Syrian refugees living in Glasgow, which she co-produced at Platform Theatre in Glasgow 2018-19. She co-produced Kaleidoscope, a radio drama writing project with Syrian refugees living in Aberdeen, Glasgow and Heidelberg (2016-17). She also co-produced the 2016 Queens of Syria UK theatre tour with the Young Vic and Developing Artists, and its accompanying documentary The World To Hear (2018). She co-produced Oliver! in Arabic in 2015, Welcome to Zaatari/We Are All Refugees in 2014-15, Syria: The Trojan Women in 2013. She is Executive Producer on Where is Love? (the Oliver! in Arabic documentary - currently in post-production); she was Executive Producer on the multi-award-winning Queens of Syria documentary (2014). Previously she co-directed and co-wrote the Kenyan mini soap Nothing’s Gonna Change For Me, working with young amateur actors in a Nairobi slum for the NGO Emerging Leaders. She co-produced and co-wrote the multi-award-winning short film Scooterman in 2010. In 2008 she published her novel about the siege of Sarajevo, The Girl in the Film. She was inspired to co-found the Trojan Women Project in 2013 both through her work with refugees in Bosnia, the former Soviet Union and the Middle East as a foreign correspondent and through reading Classics at Oxford. She also has a post-graduate diploma in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies from Edinburgh University.

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