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“I have a scream I want the world to hear.”

Queens of Syria (the documentary) tells the story of fifty women from Syria, all forced into exile in Jordan,who came together in Autumn 2013 to create and perform their own version of the Trojan Women, Euripides’ timeless Ancient Greek tragedy about the plight of women in war. Not one of them had ever acted before.

What followed was an extraordinary moment of cross-cultural contact across millennia, in which women born in 20th century Syria found a blazingly vivid mirror of their own experiences in the stories of a queen, princesses and ordinary women like them, uprooted, enslaved,and bereaved by the Trojan War.

It was a process charged with emotion and fraught with challenges, as long buried issues came to the surface, and at times the project itself hung in the balance.


Yasmin Fedda’s subtly crafted and beautifully shot film explores the difficult choices the women have to make about appearing on stage, and the close relationships they form within the group as they explore with each other their experiences. It shows their bravery and determination that their stories should be told to the world.



Watch the Queens of Syria 

DIRECTOR: Yasmin Fedda / PRODUCERS: Itab Azzam and Georgina Paget / EDITOR: Greg Pittard / COLOURIST and ONLINE EDITOR: Ross Birkbeck / SOUND MIXER: Matt Alani / MUSIC: Robin Schlochtermeier / CAMERA and SOUND RECORDING: Yasmin Fedda / EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Charlotte Eagar, William Stirling, Sawsan Asfari / PRODUCTION COMPANY: Refuge Productions Limited



Best Director from the Arab World Abu Dhabi Film Festival 2014
Black Pearl Award for Best Documentary Director from the Arab World at Abu Dhabi Film Festival, 2014

Special Mention from the UNHCR at the 3rd edition of the Human Rights Film Festival in Tunis 2014

UNHCR/CONARE Director’s Prize at Cinemigrante Festival, Argentina, 2015

Best Documentary Award at International Festival of Women’s Film, Sale, Morocco, 2015

Bronze Tanit for Best Documentary, Carthage Film Festival, Tunis, 2015

Safi Faye Credif Award, Unesco, Best Female Director, Carthage Film Festival, Tunis, 2015

Best Documentary Award, Twin Cities Arab Film Festival, USA, 2016

Audience award, Twin Cities Arab Film festival, USA, 2016

Screened at many international film festivals including Glasgow FF, Carthage FF, Dublin FF, and Abu Dhabi FF.


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