• Flora Warrington

Building Bridges with Glasgow’s Community Projects

This week we have been establishing stronger ties with community-based projects and charities who are helping refugees settle into Glasgow.

We met with Selina and Hannah from Refuweegee and discussed at length the issues that we had found to face the refugee and volunteer community in Glasgow. We also took the opportunity to introduce them to our newest addition to the team, Flora, who will offer her help to Refuweegee once a week. She will be leading an exciting new project with them which will culminate in a photographic exhibition of the life of refugees in Glasgow from their own perspectives.

We were thrilled to meet May Nicholson and Alison Black, who created and run the Preshal Trust. We discussed the main concerns of the people who attend the Preshal Trust’s centre: loneliness, isolation and a lack of community. These issues greatly affect the refugees we work with and as a result, we were very glad to discuss ways we could involve refugees in the wonderful projects, classes, schemes and community that the Preshal Trust has created.

Find out more on the Preshal Trust here

Find out more on Refuweegee here

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