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“Some agonies are beyond telling and

some must be told” Euripides.

In 2016 Refuge Productions joined with Developing Artist to create a new production of The Trojan Women (see Syria The Trojan Women) to tour the UK. 13 women from the original 2013 production were able to secure visas to come to the UK. The new production was directed by Zoe Lafferty and co-produced by the Young Vic theatre.

Charlotte and Anatole’s film follows the women around Britain, exploring the messages and experiences they wrote alongside Euripides’ text, and documenting the women’s reactions to the UK and the British, and British audience’s reactions to their play. Elegiacally shot, the film shows the heart of what it means to become a refugee and the feelings of loss, sadness, and anger it engenders.​








The World To Hear has been shown at the London Independent Documentary Festival and the Glasgow Film Festival


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