A group of mixed Syrian refugee and vulnerable Jordanian children have written and recorded their own rap song, If Music Be The Food Of Love. The group have been led by TWP’s Jordan team, Bassam and Edwina Issa.  Edwina is one of the most distinguished figures for educational music and drama in Jordan.


It’s the culmination of a year-long project, running music and drama bilingual (Arab and English) therapy workshops with the WFP as a part of their visibility campaign.


If Music Be the Food of Love is a collaboration in Jordan between the Trojan Women Project local team and the World Food Programme in Jordan with the combined aim of promoting awareness of WFP’s goals for food security with a music based community building project between Syrian refugee and underprivileged Jordanian children aged between 4- 17 years old.

The project consists of a series of bi-lingual therapeutic drama and music workshops aimed at freeing the inhibitions and concerns of the participants who are aged from 4-17 years of age that they might freely document their fears, dreams, memories and goals through practical drama in education strategies, creative writing and art work. Simultaneously they undertook vocal training, percussion and music workshops. All of the practical sessions were led by arts specialists in their specific fields whilst WFP officials took part in additional sessions on issues covered by their goal brief.


Trojan Women Scotland CIC SC605938

Supported by Prospero World (United Kingdom registered charity No.1639521)