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Our films are regularly screened at conferences and universities. 

If you are interested in showing one of our films, click here for more information. 


Nothin's Gonna Change For Me (2013) 

Charlotte and William co-wrote and directed a six part mini soap opera for M&S (VegPro) Emerging Leaders’ Programme.  They were hired by M&S’s Nairobi subsidiary VegPro to co-write and co-direct training films for vegetable packing workforce living in the Nairobi slum, Dandora, the largest rubbish dump in Africa.


They reworked the films as a mini soap opera with the vegetable packers workshopping the script, then casting vegetable packers in the films shot them on location in Dandora over four days. They noticed an enormous difference in the cast psychologically by the end of the project – far more confident, and empowered. So far the films have been shown to over ¾ million people in Africa.  Vegpro described the mini-soap as ‘inspirational’ and said that their productivity went up considerably – as much as 75%. 

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