Developing Artists, Refuge Productions, and the Young Vic present Queens of Syria, an adaptation of Euripides' anti-war tragedy, The Trojan Women. Performed by an all-female cast of Syrian refugees, the production skilfully amalgamates the women's own narratives of bitter exile and ferocious war into the ancient Greek text to create a powerful, extraordinary and unique piece of theatre. These are not the voices of political commentators or journalists, but of ordinary women whose lives have been turned upside down by the turmoil of the Syrian conflict. The stories of these women need to be heard.


Queens of Syria toured the UK for 3 weeks from 5th - 24th  July. This was a life-changing opportunity for the women & an eye-opening experience for British audiences who heard, first hand, the harsh realities of life in exile. The tour followed a month-long workshop programme in Jordan. Theatre provides these extraordinary women with a transformative opportunity for self-expression. In conjunction with the project, the British Council ran an extensive education & outreach programme.


Trojan Women Scotland CIC SC605938

Supported by Prospero World (United Kingdom registered charity No.1639521)