• Flora Warrington

We open in three weeks time!

For the last eight months, our Syrian refugee participants have been attending weekly therapeutic drama workshops. The aim has been to provide a safe and welcoming space for these individuals to empower and integrate themselves in to Scottish society, share stories and experiences of their time in Syria and meet other people from similar backgrounds.

Since we came back after the Winter holidays, we have started work on our new production - ‘The Trojans’, an adaptation of Euripedes’ classic, anti-war masterpiece. The cast; characters and ’the Chorus’ within the play all bring their own personal, powerful experiences to the production, with the script combining Euripides’ original verse and their own accounts of the war in Syria. Leading the cast is award-winning director Victoria Beesley, supported by the originating producers of the project, with the support of Glasgow City Council.

Rehearsals are in full swing and we are all set to open on 8th February, for two nights at Platform Theatre in Glasgow. Tickets will be released next week, so make sure you get yours!

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