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Trojans Community Drama Workshops and Tour

We're delighted to announce that we are starting work on a brand new project - a projected tour of a brand new play with community drama workshops in each location.

We will be creating a brand new production of Euripides’ great anti-war tragedy, The Trojan Women, with a cast of refugees and host community members – including a core of those who have been professional actors in their own countries.

We intend to tour this production and the accompanying drama workshops round the UK for refugees and host community members.

Alongside the brand new adaptation, we will be running a six weeks of multi-lingual weekly drama workshops with refugees and host community members in different regions of the country.

We're just putting together the three month pilot project at the moment - we're starting in London, W10, and partnering with the brilliant Dalgarno Trust.

So far we've raised £5,600 of the £32,000 we need for the pilot project. Any donations welcome!

More to come soon....

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