• Flora Warrington

#Edinburghfestival Here we come!

The Syrian cast of #Thetrojans came to #Edinburgh for a press photo call on #CaltonHill. It's to publicise our performance on 7th August at the #EICC with #Pleasance. We're trying to raise another £25k on top of the £185 we've raised already to run this production for a year.

STV film crew and 12 photographers turned up, including #thetimes #dailymail #Scotsman #edinburghreporter #EveningNews, all organised by wonderful #martinhunt of #tartansilkpr. The Syrians were a bit late getting over from Glasgow, and at one point the photographer:syrian ratio was 12:0 which was a bit worrying. But the pix were fab and ran in lots of papers. We had slots on the 6pm and 10.00 pm news.

we all then went for lunch at #Beirut, a Lebanese restaurant up by #Edinburghuniversity. Food was delicious.

After lunch we all went to #edinburghcastle. The views were fabulous and we saw the changing of the guard. I hadn't been since I was 10. It's amazing how having new friends makes you look at things you take for granted in a different way.

Guarding Edinburgh Castle

#martinhunt of #tartansilkpr and the photographers waiting on #caltonhill for the #syrian cast of #thetrojans

The cast of #thetrojans eating lunch at #beirut restaurant

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